Wednesday, October 29, 2008

you know you're a mum when...

1. You can tell when a diaper is wet just by feeling the outside. Of two layers of clothing PLUS diaper.
2. You suddenly find yourself saying such nonsense as "cool beans" and "awesome possum", etc.
3. You realize that you haven't had an adult conversation in more than 48 hours.
4. You can almost pinpoint your baby's temperature to the tenth of a degree just by touch.
5. You eat your meals really, REALLY fast.
6. You know how to make a really catchy song out of any topic or random words strung together.
7. You still consider your clothing to be totally clean if there is only a little bit of spit-up on it.
8. It takes you 5 hours to do a task that should only take 20 minutes (i.e. reading the directions on how to use your new breast pump).
9. Your husband feels neglected.
10. The love of your life is less than 2 feet tall.

The vaccinations were awful. Maya cried so hard she made sounds I've never heard her make before. And I sobbed so hard the doctor had to give me a hug. It was brutal. Just horrible. I can't believe we have to go through it all again in another two months. I can't even think about that now.

The good news that came out of her two-month appointment is that she is growing perfectly, right on track, and is in the 75th percentile for all her measurements. She is thriving and that makes me really happy. More good news - it looks like her thrush is pretty much gone, or at least is on its way out. Yay!

And because the thrush is finally at bay, I decided to try pumping and bottle-feeding. I don't want to bottle feed all the time, just once in a while so I can do stuff like, I dunno, get a haircut for example. Well we tried for the first time this evening. I pumped a nice 3 ounce bottle this afternoon and D tried to give it to her when he got home from work. Maya was not having any of it. So I tried. No luck. By the end of the whole ordeal, Maya was crying and we were worn out. I ended up relenting and offering her my deflated boob and that was it. I think we'll try again and see how it goes, but I gotta say, it does not look good for bottle feeding right now.

Maya is growing so fast. She is two months old and is already in 3-6 month size clothing. Here are some recent pics of my baby girl:


Paint it Black said...

A friend of mine was the same as you, dreading the vacinations. In the end she just had to gove bubs to daddy and stay in the waiting room because she knew bubs was smart and would pick up on her 'freakn out big time' vibes. It worked. Dad went in there without a fear and bubs bearly shed a tear. Just a idea for next time :+)

Fertilized said...

good luck with the bottle feeding. Keep it up, she will catch on

I am glad the vaccines are over!

Mel said...

SO CUTE!!!!! She has attitude in that last photo, I love it!!

christina(apronstrings) said...

true that! man, i can relate. i love the pics. she is sooo big. my little one is still in newborn clothing. : (

Xbox4NappyRash said...

that first picture is AMAZING.

She has the most beautiful little mouth.

sarah23 said...

She is so, so beautiful!!
I'm also glad the vaccines are done (for now) and the thrush is on its way out!

Anonymous said...

Glad those vaccines are over-that sounds terrible!

She is so, so sweet and adorable! Those eyes are stunning!

Hilary said...

SOOOO CUTE!! I know the vaccinations are horrible..glad that you both survived them! :)