Monday, February 2, 2009

yum yum mum mum

I have been totally consumed with trying to sell our house; hence the lack of new posts lately. The market is tough, nothing is moving and I'm feeling discouraged about the whole thing. Despite two open houses and countless private viewings, we have yet to see an offer. We've had a ton of interest, a few people have come back for second and third viewings, but nothing has come of it thus far. It's been a ton of work and although I'm happy to do it, it does sting a bit to suspect that I've worked so hard to no avail. Yet, anyway. But enough about that.

Maya ate her first solid food today! Granted, she is still three weeks away from being 6 months old (when they say you're supposed to start solids), and because of that, we didn't go all out and do the cereal thing quite yet. I bought her some Baby Mum Mums (rice rusks - a kind of rice cracker thingy that babies can kind of gum and suck and it sort of dissolves). We tried them twice today - the first time with much success and the second time not so much. The second time she actually made some wincy yuck faces and kicked her legs in protest when she tasted the cracker, but kept putting it in her mouth anyway. It was silly. And both times, I ended up eating the lion's share of her cracker after she lost interest. Those things are pretty good actually.

The cup drinking is going quite well, although interestingly she does not care for breastmilk from her cup. She only seems to like it when it's filled with water. At first, I thought maybe I wasn't heating the milk sufficiently for her taste; and then I thought maybe I made it too hot. And then a friend pointed out that (duh) she doesn't want breastmilk from anywhere but my breasts. That's what she's used to and that's what she likes. Other liquids are OK from the cup but not her breastmilk. Makes sense to me. I like to think my daughter's already cultivated a sophisticated palate - she likes her milk warm and fresh from the source. Not the re-heated day-old crap thankyouverymuch.

She's in ONE YEAR clothing now. ONE YEAR PEOPLE!!! She really is getting so big. In fact, D said he saw a little girl at the coffee shop the other day who was almost one year old and the same size as our 5-month old. I must admit, the fact that she's big does make me happy. Somehow in my head I equate that with being healthy, although I realize this is not always the case. Our girl is strapping, I guess you could say. And she's got the sweetest little chubby wrists and legs it's oh so cute.

I realize I owe you guys some pictures. I have taken a TON of them (176 to be exact) but have yet to download them off my iPhone. I got some really cutes ones too. Will post asap. As soon as the dust settles from all this house selling craziness that's currently preoccupying my poor addled brain.


Mel said...

Hang in there on the house stuff... it sucks. Don't kill yourself with anxiety. There is only so much you can do in a situation like that, it is out of your control. ;)

So cute about Maya and her eating! I cannot even imagine how adorable a sight it must be to see her experiencing the newness of solids and drink--from a cup! And who can blame her for not wanting her milk from anywhere than the source? That's like not wanting my tequila from anywhere other than the bottle... LOL (sorry, retired party girl humor).


Fertilized said...

good luck with the house stuff. Maya needs to come teach MT how to drink from a cup

Anonymous said...

I bet it was adorable to watch her eat! I can't wait to see some pictures of little cracker trails :)

sarah23 said...

I hope your current place sells really really soon. It sounds like you guys are doing the smart thing, though, by selling first.

I can't believe that Maya is drinking from a cup and wearing 12 month size clothes! If that's the case with Annalise, we're going to have some clothes that are definitely out-of-season when she is wearing them!

Tanya said...

awww, she is growing!!! I have so much to look forward to!