Wednesday, March 25, 2009

my action pants must be in the laundry

I am completely frozen in my tracks here. I have no idea how to surmount the overwhelming task that lies before me.

My to-do list:
-Pack my entire house
-Separate out all items for the Salvation Army and for selling on Craigslist
-Take pictures of all stuff for sale and attach prices
-Clean, organize, downsize
-Empty our storage locker (which is currently packed to the gills with C R A P)
-Many, many trips to the garbage room
-Purchase necessary items for the new place
-Manage contractors who are renovating the new place
-Clean the old place once empty
-Clean the new place before we move in
-Do our taxes
-Change our address
-Oh yeah and look after my wee baby girl who takes up about 95% of my time and attention


All I can do is just sit here and stare at everything. I have so much to do I literally cannot even figure out how to begin. So I just keep staring. Doing nothing.

Any ideas on how to get started? And how to get it all done efficiently? I have about 4 weeks to complete all items on my list.

Any help/ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Oh yeah, and as promised, here are a few pics of the new place! (Note that none of the furnishings and decor are ours - the place was still occupied by the previous owner at the time of the photos.)

That guy pacing around is my husband. The other guy (on the stool) is my boyfriend. Haha kidding, that's the building inspector. Although he was kinda handsome. Also, note the exposed beams. Love it! They date back to the first growth forests of the area. Chic AND historic!

This is our view

And of course, my sweet little girl...

More photos to come after we move in...


Anonymous said...

Oh Hilary, it is beautiful. I'll just throw a few things into a bag and come over to give you a hand....

Seriously, if you can afford it, why not pay for removalists to pack for you?

Sort out the stuff to be given away/sold etc and leave the rest to the professionals. You can always buy the new stuff after you have moved in.

Our post office redirects mail for a given amount of time if you give them the forwarding address, so that could be done later.

Maybe it would be better if I come over and supervise. Just pop the money for the flight into my account and Paige and I will be on our way.

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

LOVE the new place! WOW!

I would just write out a list and start with the things that are least overwhelming to you. Then put the more difficult stuff in the middle and some easier things at the end. That way as you start to get things done you will have built up a momentum to getting the more difficult things completed and you have the peace of mind to know that there is an end in sight.

Good luck! :)

Xbox4NappyRash said...

heh, she's still gorgeous.

Fertilized said...

It's so gorgeous. Hell these days, Iam finding it hard to just get a shower. So i have no advice.

She is a scrumptious lil thing

Hilary said...

Good Luck Hilary on getting everyhting packed up and moved in!! Maya is CUTE as ever!! :) Your new place looks AWESOME!

Mel said...

What a gorgeous place. Seriously. Jealous!
Moving blows, I do not envy you at all in that respect. We always say next time we will just pay for people to pack for us!