Monday, March 16, 2009

pack it up pack it in let me begin

I am so happy to report that after an insane crux of real estate madness, the subjects have been officially removed on the sale of our current place AND - even more exciting - we are the proud new owners of a sweet and gorgeous new loft!


Of course, this did not happen without a few hiccups along the way. First off, there was a glitch with the subject removal. The appraiser didn't get his report into the bank on time and long story short, the bank dropped the ball and subjects were not removed when they were supposed to have been. This little detail meant that either we (the sellers) or them (the buyers) could back out of the deal. Fortunately the realtors jumped in and created an addendum to the purchase contract thus buying some extra time. I just got a call from our realtor a little while ago - it's finally official now: this place is as good as sold.

But that wasn't even the stressful part. When we put our offer in on the new place, we didn't realize that we'd be dealing with a total ass-hat. The current owner of our new place fussed and quibbled over every single cent, to a ridiculous degree. She was totally unreasonable and highly insulting to do business with; D and I almost walked away from the deal a few times during our numerous countering sessions with her. To illustrate how insane this woman was, her OWN realtor very nearly quit during this process because she was being so unreasonable. In the end, we decided that a few thousand dollars wasn't worth the risk of losing our dream home so we just ate it and appeased her ridiculousness. Five years from now, we won't remember the extra cost, but we would have remembered losing a great loft because our pride got in the way.

The good news is that the papers are signed and the Papaya family is movin' on up! Yeah yeah to a deluxe apartment in the sky.... (c'mon you knew that was coming...)

So now the fun part - coordinating the renovations and the move... Oh yeah, and did I mention I also take care of a wee baby 24/7? This month is going to be busy. Like really, really busy.

But worth it! We are very, very excited.

Oh how about some baby details? You know, it's only the reason I started this blog. Let's see...
-Maya is sitting up on her own now
-Maya does not like eating solid foods but we're working on it; mummy's boobs are still her #1 fave
-Maya "dances" when she hears music (by dancing I mean kinda rocking and bobbing up and down...OMG it's beyond adorable)
-Maya gives hugs now
-Maya is mastering cognitive reasoning; if you hide a toy underneath something, she knows it's there and looks for it
-Maya is really getting good at babbling. Her sounds are getting more and more complex every day.

She is such a little joy. And what a fun age she's at now. I am really enjoying this kid more than ever.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Now you must post photos.

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! How exciting! Good luck with the renovations and the move. And I second the motion for Maya for pictures! :)

Paint it Black said...

Exciting time all around then, have fun with the new loft!