Monday, December 15, 2008

now that we've all come to know each other

Amazing the difference a few short weeks makes. Maya is creeping up on four months old now, and we have really come into a solid routine.

My little girl is now, and has been for over a month now, a reliable little clock. She goes down for three naps at day - at 10:00am (for half an hour), at 1:00pm (for one hour) and at 4:00pm (for half an hour). She's in the bath at 7:00pm and asleep for the night at 8:00pm. We've got this thing down to a science.

And I must admit, I'm loving it. Having a good routine makes planning the day so much better. It's so funny, sometimes I forget to look at the clock and I'll wonder why Maya is being a cranky-pants (is she hungry? is she dirty? what's wrong?), and then I'll realize, "OH it's 12:58, she's telling me it's nap time". And so down for a nap she happily goes.

In other news, the baby babble is in full force. She says SO many consonants now. She's even said "words" - for example, "mum", "doo doo" and "Pulau". Of course she has no idea what she's saying but I still like to think my daughter's a little genius.

And the dairy-free living is still going great. I really don't miss it at all. Plus it seems to be helping me shed the last of my baby weight. But of course the best part is that Maya is feeling fantastic. She never has a minute of gas anymore and even the spitting up has been greatly reduced. I guess some kids just aren't meant to have dairy. Our doctor says that she'll probably have a hard time with dairy for the first few years of her life but she should grow out of it eventually.

We bought Maya a Jumperoo for Christmas this year and gave it to her a bit early (mummy was too excited and couldn't wait). She loves it! Behold:

And here's Santa's Little Helper donning her Christmas hat:


Fertilized said...

LOOK AT THAT! We join you for naps close to those times .wtg hilary, you are doing an amazing job

Fertilized said...

can she get any cuter!!

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

WHAT A CUTIE!!! Oh my goodness. I envy your nap predictability. I'm still hopeful that Lemy will somehow fall in love with sleep soon. :)

Tanya said...

cute! I just want to squeeze her!