Wednesday, January 7, 2009

babies are people too

...And they have feelings, and do not like to be treated like pincushions. Which is probably why my sweet baby screamed her head off at the mere sight of the doctor today. She turned herself bright red and absolutely wailed before the doctor even did anything. Which is so incredibly strange because honestly, Maya's not a crier. She maybe cries for 5 minutes once a week, if that.

The doctor came in and just smiled at her and just that was enough to send poor Maya into hysterics. I really don't understand what happened. The doctor had barely even said hello to us. Maya was smiling and giggling one minute and when the doctor approached, all of the sudden she was lobster-faced and absolutely losing her shit. So unlike her.

Her four-month exam was hurried, due to the wailing, and when it came time for the vaccinations, Maya turned it up a notch. To eleven, actually. I had honestly never heard her make sounds like that. It was like a suffering type of cry, and it was awful. She was so upset, in fact, that she didn't even want to feed afterwards. Again, so unlike her. One interesting tidbit did come out of today's exam though: Maya is in the 75th percentile for height and 85th percentile for weight. Yup, we sure do grow 'em big here in Canada!

I handled myself much better than last time (if you recall, at the two-month appointment, I cried as hard as Maya did), and I think it was because I knew what to expect. But my poor little girl sure screamed, harder and more desperately than I've ever heard. My heart just broke.

Luckily, by the time we got home, baby girl seemed to have forgotten the whole ordeal. She was happy and smiling and shouting at her toys for the remainder of the evening. Thank goodness. She was exhausted by the time bedtime rolled around, and she passed right out. What a big day she had. She is still on "fever watch" and will be until about 3pm Friday. So far so good, though.

In other news, we had a big whopper of a milestone at our house yesterday -- Maya rolled over for the first time! And she's done it a total of THREE times so far! Today, rolling over. Tomorrow, driver's license. She's growing up so fast!


Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

UGH. I'm so sorry she got so upset! Poor thing!!! :( At least its over for 2 more months! :)

Mel said...

Poor baby! She just knows the guy in the dr's coat never brings anything good, doesn't she? I remember being about 4 years old and going in for my school shots and hiding under the chair my mom was sitting in. Shots are just bad.
Glad she perked up and enjoyed the rest of her night, though!

Hilary said...

Poor girlfriend..those doctor visits are no fun!! We need to see her cute face!! :)

Fertilized said...

i hate these dr appointments.

YAH baby girl is growing and rolling!