Monday, January 19, 2009

yup, even more photos of the new place - last time i promise

linen closets

looking downstairs to the entrance

front porch - the window looks in on the living room

looking from the master bedroom, past the his and hers walk through closets and into the master bathroom

TWO sinks in the master bath! Ah heaven! No more fighting for space in the loo. I've longed for two sinks since the day I got married...


Mel said...

2 things that have kept my marriage from imploding:
1) king size bed
2) double sinks in the master bath

Congrats! Place is insanely gorgeous... cannot wait to see it full of your stuff!

Fertilized said...

i LOVE the pictures. I was late to see them due to I was out of town - that place is GORGEOUS!

Hilary said...

Congrats!! that is so great! :) Enjoy you new space

sarah23 said...

Very nice!

I have to say that I just read your posts from last August when you were overdue, and they were sooo reassuring to me. Now if only *my* water would break...

Sarah (40w4d)