Sunday, January 11, 2009

smell it like it is

The whole family is currently sick. We picked up some kind of yuck recently and we're all plagued with a sore throat / coughing / flu kind of thing. It's been a milestone of sorts, as it's Maya's first cold. She's handled it like a trooper though. Other than wincing when she sneezes (I think it kind of hurts when she does) and a mild bout of green poo, she's been managing pretty well.

I have felt really, really tired and just totally run down in general. My throat hurts, my head hurts and my nose is running like a faucet. At times like these, oh how I miss my old friend NyQuil. But NyQuil's not a friend of breastfeeding so I just gotta tough it out. But that hasn't stopped me from jealously eyeing the lovely green bottle I picked up for my sick hubby this afternoon. Love the 'Quil.

I would at this time like to voice my displeasure with Pampers diapers. As mentioned in a couple of earlier posts, we are a very loyal gDiapers clan. However, they're really expensive if you buy them here in Canada so we order them directly from the company in the states. Sadly, we are fresh out of diapers and our order has not yet arrived; so I bit the bullet today and went and bought some regular disposables to tide us over.

I chose Pampers because I remembered that, unlike Huggies, they don't have those awful sticky tabs that always seemed to stick to poor Maya's tummy when I'd change her (before we started with the gDiapers). Didn't like that. So a big bag of Pampers came home with me and it wasn't until I got the bag open that I realized that they are...shudder...scented. A horrible baby powder scent at that. Yuck.


Uh-oh, watch out, here comes the rant:

What's worse is that nowhere on the package does it mentioned that they are scented. Are all diapers scented now? Is it just a given that they are scented after you get to a certain size diaper? What's the deal? (We are in size 3 btw)

I just had to vent that. I'm about to get kinda crunchy granola on my organic soapbox here. I just feel that there are already so many dyes, perfumes, fillers and chemicals that are nearly impossible to avoid in the land of all things baby-related, it would just be great if there was, at the very least, some clear labeling that would allow the consumer to make an informed choice about what they're buying.

It's not like baby powder scent is a necessary thing to make a diaper work, for goodness sake. And baby poo isn't that bad anyway. I'd much rather have Maya smell like Maya, for better or for worse, and change her diaper when it needs to be changed. I don't need any help from fake perfume to make the process more enjoyable thankyouverymuch. It's bad enough that all these disposable diapers are going to end up in a landfill anyway, but now they'll be extra-fake-sweet-smelling all perfumed up to boot.

Okay, I'm done.


Mel said...

Hahaha... I would have never even thought to check for that on diapers, and thanks to you now I know! I agree with you on the dyes and scents and craziness of the baby product industry. Unnecessary!
Hope you guys get back to feeling better SOON. Being sick is the pits.

Fertilized said...

i am so sorry, we use a combination of cloth, gdiapers and pampers. we are in size 3 but ours do not smell like perfume.

hope you feel better soon

Tanya said...

I cant stand having a virus!!!


I also cant stand sick or coughing children..I just want to make them all better!

Hilary said...

Get better everybody..oh i just noticed the picture of Maya she is soooo cute!! get better everybody! :)

Myra said...

I'm so there with you on the scented pampers-- yuck, yuck, yuck! We use G-diapers much of the time, but Seventh Generation at daycare. The day care asked if we could buy some pampers because my son's legs weren't fat enough yet for the size threes and the poo was leaking out (but he was too big for the size twos). I was so happy when the pampers leaked too so we could ban the terrible smelling diapers forever. They made the whole house smell! It was horrible. Don't they know that the chemical scents are far worse smelling than crap? Horrible.
PS-- Baby is now fatter and the Seventh Generation are back in the good graces of the daycare teachers, thank goodness!

Hilary (Maya Papaya) said...

Myra - thanks for the comment! I tried to check out your blog but it's invite only. Can I have an invite? I'd love to read it :)