Monday, January 19, 2009

more photos of the new place

master bedroom - looking out onto the balcony off the master bedroom (ignore the box and junk left out there by the builders...)


view from the front porch

kitchen island

another view of the kitchen - that stainless steel drawer you see is the dishwasher

More photos to come - must go for now - baby stirs...


Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...


wannabmomma said...

That's so exciting. What a great looking place! Congrats!!

Paint it Black said...

brilliant! ticks all the boxes for you both and halving the morgage-wow. not to mention 3 bathrooms!and a kick ass kitchen. wow

sarah23 said...

Ooooh! Very nice!! That is SO wonderful that you will be able to cut your mortgage in half! When is move-in day? Will you rent out your old place, or sell it?

(P.S.: Sorry that I've been such bad commenter lately!)

Barb said...

That IS a beautiful townhome! Good luck with the sale! And my nephews and cousins were all like that once they got a taste of the cup as well. haha.

btw.. you're still welcome on my blog any time, though I realize you may not feel we have a lot in common anymore. I don't usually have a lot to input on baby blogs either.