Sunday, January 4, 2009

back to real life

D goes back to work tomorrow and the lovely extra set of hands I've come to find so helpful go with him, I'm afraid. It's been so nice having him home over these last two weeks.

So far my New Year's resolutions have been going strong, of course it has only been five days. But can I just say: I would love to get down and dirty with some of that leftover Christmas chocolate hanging out in the fridge right now. Ah well, probably has dairy in it anyway. I shall remain content with my cup of decaffinated green tea. This kind of restraint should be grounds for sainthood.

Maya was really hard to put to bed this evening. She just wouldn't fall asleep despite polishing off two full boobs and being rocked softly in the glider with mummy for nearly two full hours. I finally just laid Princess Sleepyhead down in her crib and presto! asleep within minutes. Kinda wish I'd done that earlier!

Maya is growing so fast. Even her little feet look bigger to me today.

I want to post a picture of said feet I took earlier today but alas I am posting this from my iPhone and I just don't think I can post a picture this way. I'll owe ya.

Better head to bed myself now. Another big day of child-rearing lays before me tomorrow. And I'm loving every second of it!

'Night all.

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Fertilized said...

It's amazing how they can squack and squirm and you put them down and they just close their lil eyes and go to sleep sometimes